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Find out Facebook Co-founder Dustin Moskovitz’s wife Cari Tuna, and their married life.

When it comes to Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg’s image is pop up but today we are here to talk about Dustin Moskovitz, one of the Facebook co-founder and his wife. Do you know who she is? If the name didn’t pop up quick as Mark name, she is Cari Tuna.

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Since Dustin is well known let’s talk more about Cari Tuna

Cari Tuna who is married to this young billionaire, Dustin graduated from Yale University. After earning the degree in political science she pursued her career in Journalism. Currently, Tuna is employed full time in Good Ventures, a private foundation and philanthropic organization along with her husband Dustin. Before it, she worked as a writer for Yale Daily News and journalist at Wall Street Journal.

First meeting and marriage

Dustin Moskovitz met Tuna while she was employed at Wall Street as a journalist. They dated for years before they finally got married. In 2013 they vow to each other and are spending happy married life. The weeding was heavily organized and left wow on the peoples face.

It has been years and there is no thing such as dispute and talks of divorce. It looks like they are made for each other. Moreover, their interest and thinking are similar, which gave birth to Good Venture organization. Since this supportive couple is happy for their togetherness they have been sharing happiness with their philanthropic organization Good Ventures.

Cari Tuna and Dustin Moskovitz charity interest

Cari and Dustin are the first married couple who signed Bill Gates charity foundation “The Given pledge”. This charity work inspired this couple to more big-hearted. Finally, they decided to run one of their own private foundation Good Venture.

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Discover Ellen Pompeo career, personal life and body facts.

Ellen Kathleen Pompeo is better known as Ellen Pompeo. In her early days, her nick name was The pencil and stracciatella. But she is not famous for her nick name. She is famous for her acting career. Her debut in ABC medical drama Grey’s Anatomy as Meredith Grey in 2005 gained her momentum. This role made her nomination in Golden Global Award for Best Actress-Television Series Drama. Her other popular movies are Old School, Moonlight Mile, and Daredevils. She was a successful actress during her era and was born on November 10, 1969.

Ellen Pompeo was born in the middle class family and was raised in Roman Catholic. Her birth place was Everett, Massachusetts, US. She was the daughter of Kathleen B and Joseph E, a salesman guy. She belongs to the multiracial family. Her father was Italian, English, and Irish ancestors, while her mother was of Irish descent. She lost her mother and father one by one. Her mother often used to take painkiller capsule which decided her fate to death. After the death of her mother, Ellen father married another lady. By 2012, her father also died. She had altogether three sisters and two brothers.

Ellen Pompeo was not born in Hollywood family or rich family. Ellen Kathleen Pompeo struggled hard for her career starting, with minor and small roles. She was active from the year 1996.  She got her first chance in Strangers with Candy, friends and Law & Order for making debut in minor roles. She started aiming high after playing such minor roles. She migrated to Los Angeles in 2001 for her secure future. There she participated in the movie Mambo Café with Thalia. Finally, she was selected by director Brad Silberling for debut in Moonlight Mile in the role the Jake Gyllenhaal’s. 

Subsequently, Ellen Kathleen Pompeo appeared in Catch Me If You Can and Old School. Ellen Kathleen Pompeo also played movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind but later her scenes were removed from it. She praised herself at least, she was appointed by Michel Gondry for this film. Her main turning point that leads her to success was ABC medical drama Grey’s Anatomy and this is running in tenth seasons currently also. She gained her popularity and was earning huge money making her ranking to Ninth highest paid television actress. In 2011, she made an agreement with Grey’s Anatomy which, raised her salary by 0.2 million for each episode. After making two more contracts for other seasons, she was announced eight highest paid TV actress. By October 27, 2011, she launched her own company Calamity Jane.

Ellen is a charming, hot and sexy lady. She has a perfect body and sexy feet making her hotter. Once, she was listed that, she had six toes with the false animated picture on the internet. This all was false and her original picture having the clear view of her feet was posted for avoiding rumors. Ellen looks perfect and the reason is her boy facts.

Ellen Pompeo body has measurement 34-25-34, bra size 34B. Her eye is the black color which makes a match in her different hair style. She has no fixed color for her hair because she likes to have different color over her hair and cut it in a different style. Her all feature like the height of 1.70 m give her perfect look.  She was in love with Music producer Chris lvery. After attaining various dating and spending the time they got married on November 9, 2007.

Ellen Pompeo married in New York in presence of Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Ellen became pregnant with the desire to have a child. She waiting for nine months for her lovely daughter in her womb.On September 15, 2009, she gave birth to Stella Luna Pompeo. She was very happy by the birth of her daughter. As everyone has both sad part and happy part in life. Her sad part was her suffering from Asthma.

Who is Elle Macpherson? Know more about her marriage, career,and net worth.

Elle Macpherson is a high profile personality known by her nick name ‘The Body’. She got this name for her five records cover when she appeared in Sports Illustrate Swimming Issue started in year 1980s.She was born in March and her date of birth might be between 1963 and 1964. Today, she has stood herself as Businesswomen, television host, model, and actress. 

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Elle is also known as founder primary model and directors of the business venture like Elle Macpherson agency which, produce lingerie and care products for women. Her creativity supported her to become a host and executive of Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model. She is currently active on NBC’s Fashion Star and has already hosted the first season. She was the daughter of entrepreneur and sound engineer Peter Gow and mother Frances Gow, a nurse and was born in Killara, New South Wales of Australia. Her parents divorced when Ellen was running in 10. She then was raised by her mother and stepfather. She receives her education from Killara High School in the year 1981.

Before starting the career, Elle Macpherson used to study at Sydney University. She moved to build up her career when she started working in modeling agency due to fund shortage for buying the law books. She signed with Click Model Management and moved to New York. By 1982, Elle Macpherson was actively involved in modeling and started to appear in commercial and with this success she was established as “girl next door” personality in Australia. 

Elle Macpherson popularity occupied the cover of magazines like Cosmopolitan, Elle, GQ, Harper’s and Vogue. In 1986, she was also entitled by The Big Elle as the cover. She created her notability by Swimsuit Issue. She then was appeared on the cover from 1986 to 2006. As she was the prominence she was offered to host Miss Universe 2001 along with Naomi Campbell.

During this period Australian government offered Elle the position on Tourist Commission as an unofficial ambassador. She presented herself in extreme limit in Sirens and was well known for the fact that people wanted to see her nude. In 1994, she reveals herself nude on the cover of Playboy magazines. In 1994 she realized that she was capable of opening her own business and took the chance. She launched Elle Macpherson INC specializes in supporting financial organization.

Elle is a model personality with sexy, hot body and beautiful charming face. She stands in the height of 1.83m with sexy commendable feet with perfect shoe size.  She has perfect measurement 36-25-35, weight 61 kg bra Size 36C which makes her perfect hot model.  As a model, she often revealed her in bikini outfit. In her bikini outfit, she looks sweating hot. She tried something different and revealed herself nude and when it was more demand, she appeared nude in Playboy magazine. Her light brown hair color and brown eye color makes her face delight. Nowadays, she looks younger than her previous days. 

Elle might have under gone through plastic surgery or likely treatment. In any way, she has maintained herself perfectly. Not only has this she had maintained her standard as high profile with the net worth of $45 million. 

She was in an affair with various males among them Gilles Bensimon is one. She married him in 1984. They started their affair after meeting in Elle magazines photo session. Their relation turned into the divorce after three years relationship. She then started her relationship with financier Arpad Busson in 1996. During their relation, Elle gave birth to two sons Flynn and Aurelius.  After the birth of two sons, they were separated. By early 2009 she started to her dating with billionaire Jeffrey Soffer. She even got broke up with him and by November 2012, they again got patch up after Jeffrey helicopter accident. After their patch up they married and engaged in husband and wife relation.

She is successful personality able to receive various awards. She was named Glamour Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the year in 2005. In 2007, she was awarded Everywoman Ambassador Awards.  She also received Femmy Awards and World Career Award.

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Who is Elizabeth Berkley? Know about her career, marriage and body facts.

Elizabeth Berkley is a renowned actress of America.  She was born on July 28, 1972, in Farmington Hills, USA.  She becomes prominence by the role played in series Saved by the Bells and showgirls. She was playing the role of brainy feminist Jessie Spano and Nomi Malone. Elizabeth Berkley was raised in Farmington Hills her birth place. She was the daughter of Jere and Fred Berkley.  Her father was a Jewish and rose in an environment of Judaism and used to work as a Lawyer. Her mother was a Gift basket business owner. Elizabeth Berkley was born with heterochromia, and due to this her right eye was half green and half brown and her left eye was all green.

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Initial life and education

Elizabeth Berkley received her education from North Farmington High School and Cranbrook King's Wood School. She received her graduation by 1990. Her family was not from Hollywood family but they used to inspire for better future in acting. She was interested in acting from her childhood. She used to dance in her own house in the basement. She gave audition for leading character in Annie but it only gave her sadness. Her eagerness did not let her be hopeless. She went to New York for her bright career and took part in several ballets and music.

Career and growth

Elizabeth Berkley started to move in her career track as a teenage model. She was denoted as a teenage model for Elite and yet she was not active. She became active from 1986. In 1987she performed in series Frog and following this, she was offered several roles. In 1989, she gave audition for Kelly roles in Saved by the Bell. The directors were confused whether he should cast Tiffani Thiessen or Elizabeth.

Due competing capability director was impressed and he created the role of Jessie Spano, which Elizabeth played from 1989 to 1993. Berkley gave up to her role of Jessie Spano join the film line. She won the audition of Roe Nomi Malone and was ready for the movie Showgirls. This film was rated as the big budget movie of the period. This film became the blockbuster hit and was rated NC-17.It contained sex and nudity and got various critics for it. She has also appeared in comedies with small roles like Keaton, Goldie Hawn, and Bette Midler.

Elizabeth Berkley was ranked as number 36 because of the Controversial film and she wanted to make away from such movies to rebuild her image among the fans. After facing various controversies she started to make her focused in comedy and reality shows. She was the one who hosted reality series, Step It Up and Dance competition.

Body facts

Elizabeth Berkley is a sexy, hot and charming lady. Berkley sexiness and hotness can be rate from her movie Showgirls. In this movie, she reveals herself in a bikini and sometimes nude. She has the height of 5’9 inches, bra size 36C, hip size 37 and waist26 and her perfect measurement makes her perfect actress. She has sexy, long and commendable feet with a shoe size of 7. 

Marriage and children

Elizabeth Berkley was married to artist Greg Lauren on November 1, 2003. After Elizabeth marriage, her interest for the baby increased and she became pregnant. In 2012, she gave birth to son Sky Coe. He was born just eight days before her 40th birthday. Today she is running in 41 and stills looks young and charming. She might have been gone through plastic surgery or likely treatments. There is not much wrinkle and sign for oldness as it should appear on this stage. She is kind to nature lady and she also has made $600 donation for animal rights. It was Elizabeth Berkley bad luck when she was payable for $45 million due to the false claim made over Leonardo DiCaprio. 

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Popular personality Cheryl Ladd? Discover about her marriage, net worth and more

Cheryl Ladd is an American born actress on July 12, 1951. She is well known for her multi-talent feature in acting, singing, and writing. She was also famous for her role as Kris Munroe in the Charlie’s Angles TV series. Her birth place was Huron, South Dakota in Germany family. She was the daughter of Dolores a waiter and Marion, engaged in railroad engineering.

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Cheryl Ladd was not from the Hollywood linked family but she stood herself as an actress. She did something unique job apart from the parents. This proved that she was not only charming and chubby girl but also bold enough to take such advance step in the acting career.

Cheryl Ladd was active from 1970 and started her career as a musician. She was known as “Cherie Moor” when she sang the song for animated series of Pussycats. After this, she started to get roles for non-singing commercials and television series. Her played commercials and series were The Rookies, The Partridge Family and Happy Days. The main turning point when she gained momentum was Charlie’s Angels series. This made her a superstar over a night. She was running high and wondering over the height. She remained as a familiar face over the TV for long period of time. 

Cheryl Ladd played about 30 movies after Charlie’s Angles hit. In one of Cheryl Ladd movies, she played the role of Grace Kelly who was a Philadelphia heiress. It also shows how she became a Hollywood glamor and then prince of Europe, in a biopic that was started before Kelly’s death.  Her success made her path easy towards her career and started to appear as musician and comedian in various series. She got a chance for performing in the football National Anthem “Super Bowl XIV”. After this she released three albums, enjoying a ‘Top 40 Hot 100’ singles along with Golden Records. 

In 2000, she debuts in Broadways as Bernadette Peters until Reba McEntire took over it. She got a leading role in One West Waikiki and this made her guest appearance on shows like Charmed,  Hope and Faith and CSI; Miami. As she was expert in writing she also published a book “The Adventures of little Nettie Wind ship for children”. When she got success as an author she took other steps in writing books.  By, 2005 she published another book “Token Chick; A Woman’s Guide to Golfing with the Boys”. This was an autobiography that emphasizes in golf. She wrote this autobiography as she was love with golf and crazy for golf. Later, she became the host of a golf tournament by her success in a book written over golf.

Cheryl has a net worth of 8 million dollars and was capable of earning such huge amount because she remained active for every new offer and challenges during her career period. Cheryl Ladd is a successful actress, beautiful lady with the bold and hot figure. She has got a perfect measurement and it can be seen crystal clear when she revels herself in the bikini. Her measurement which gives her perfect coco cola size is measured 35-23-34 inches. Running in her 62 she doesn’t seem to have many wrinkles. Might, she has done plastic surgery which gives her fresh look even at this stage also. 

Cheryl Ladd was married to David Ladd an actor. They met each other since; they are from the same field acting. They were involved in dating and latter got married. Cheryl gave birth to daughter Jordan during their marriage life. They were happy with each other but they got divorced and the reason is unknown. After she got divorced she started her affairs with music produce Brian Russell and got married in 1981. She is active in social activities which prevent child abuse. She works as the brand ambassador of this social organization.

know about Camilla Belle, Is she married

Camilla Belle is a bold, sexy and hottest girl in Hollywood films and TV series.  She is famous for her debut in when a Strangers Calls and 10,000 BC, The Quiet, Push and Breakaway. She was born as Camilla Belle Routh but, better known as Camilla Bella. She was born in Los Angeles, California on October 2, 1986. Now, she is running in late 27. Though her parents were not fully linked to Hollywood, she stood herself as an American actress.

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Camilla's father Jack Wesley Routh was an owner of Construction Company and portrayer of country music while her mother Cristina Gould was Brazilian fashion designer. Belle was raised in the catholic household environment. She completed her primary education from Catholic school St. Paul’s Catholic. For her further study, she joined Los Angeles located school the Marlborough School. This was fully girl’s school restricted for boys study. 

Camilla Belle had a keen interest in piano and learning different languages. Her interest in language made her fluent Portuguese and Spanish speaker.  She belongs to Brazilian descent but, she has made her today’s notability as sexist American actress in Hollywood.

 Belle seems that she was born for doing acting. When she was just nine months old she has appeared in printed commercial. She was five years old when, she played the first movie, NBC’s thriller and Trapped beneath the Earth. She made her entry with minor roles in “A little Princess” as Liesel Matthews. She got the first opportunity as the main role in Rip Girls broadcast on Disney Channel. After this, she played another movie When A Strangers Calls. Subsequently, she was presented in 10,000 BC.

This movie was directed by Roland Emmerich and the film was related to prehistoric human’s life. This was one of the big movies that made her career delighted. Camilla Belle other blockbuster hit was push where she appeared as Kira Hollis. This was science fiction movie in which playing characters posse’s supernatural power and were hiding from the eye of the government agency. In 1998 she played a drama developed by “Focus on the Family group” which was aired on radio. The fact was that she did not limit herself within TV only. In 1998, she gave another hit movie The Patriot which, was well liked by audiences and made it the nomination for an award.

Camilla Belle is beautiful young lady engaged in affairs with Joe Jonas. They were close when Belle played in his music video Lovebug. After dating for one year they ended their relationship. Recently, information about her new boyfriend is unknown. She has kept her profile so low that, truth related to her boyfriend cannot be revealed. Might be she is dating someone secretly.

Camilla Belle is beautiful enough to divert someone intention towards her. She has an eye-catching figure with sexy eyes and lips. She seems sexy even in full dress. Let’s not talk about bikini and another seducing outfit because she looks Daman hot chick. It might be due to exposing her sexy feet in bikini image and other half outfit dress. Her height also has given her equal support for looking such beautiful. She has unique beauty hair and changes her hair style analyzing her outfit. Her body measurement is 32-23-33 and bra size 32B. She is styles and fashionable lady. She prefers giving poses and style in her photo shoot. Camilla Belle is still single and unmarried.

Belle was nominated for Young Artist Awards nomination for her role of Sandra in The Patriot. She was also nominated for other awards like Best Performance in a Features Films – Supporting Young Actress, Best Performance in a Feature Films –Supporting Young Actress and Breakthrough Awards category.

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know more about Brooke Burke-Char and her life

Brooke Burke-Char vet well known by Maiden is a famous as Actress, dancer, model, television personality and host. She is also called by her short and sweet name Brooke Burke. She was born in Hartford, Connecticut during September 8, 1971. She is recently running in 42. She was raised in Arizona and was the daughter of Donna and George Burke.

Brooke belongs to the multiracial family. Her father was the descent of French and Irish while, her mother was from the Portuguese and Jewish environment. Her mother married to another person and received Brooke custody also with her. Receiving her custody she was raised by her stepfather of Armenian descent. In fact, of this, she entertains to celebrate Christmas. She received her education from Sahuaro High School and Palo Verde High School and that was the place where she won the title of homecoming queen.

Brooke Burke active year was 1986 and after some years of it, she gained her momentum. Her early stage popularity started while she was hosting in E Network on the show Wild On. She then competed in the TV series host edition of The Weakness Link. She got to vote off in the second round. Since she was perfect in hosting she was offered for hosting by CBS reality show Rock Star. This series singer gives their best performance to win rock band. She was not limited to hosting only it was only the weapon to create notability among public figure. She wanted to make the intention of public towards her and work hard for it. She won season 7 of Dancing with the Stars. Derek Hough was there supporting her as a partner for success. 

Later, when Brooke Burke won the competition she was benefited by it a lot and replaced Samantha Harris as her co-host. She got what she wanted .she started hosting in season 10 of Dancing with the Stars with Tom Bergeron. By 2014, it was announced that she will no more be hosting in seasons 18th. She also hosted in NBC’s early show on the occasion of 6th Annual Golden Globe Awards with her partner Tiki Barber and Nancy O’Dell. Later, in 2010 she hosted Series She ‘S Got the Look broadcast from TV Land.

 In this show, women compete with each other with age more than 35. Not only this, she was active in Need for Speed games both voicing and facing Rachel Tellers ‘Electronic Arts’. She was also seen promoting Swiss ball video. This video was related to fitness with help of exercise ball. She presented herself for the trial video doing exercise and teach viewers.

Brooke has experienced marriage life twice. Firstly, she was interested in plastic surgeon Garth Fisher. After dating for some years they got married. They made two children Neriah and Sierra. When conflicts started to arise between them the agreed to divorce. She was very afraid of plastic surgery as her husband was specialized in it and she has seen all of these things in her marriage life. She said that she will never do such surgery things.

 In real, Brooke Burke does not need all of this things. She has got sexy look, perfect body and commendable feet. She has got well measurement 36c- 22-34, weight 50.8 kg, shoe size 10, height 5’7 inch, bra size 36C. After her divorce, she was in relation with singer David Charvet in 2006. They used to go for dating and spend much of their time together. Their unmarried affair relationship made Brooke pregnant and she gave birth to Heaven Rain and son Shaya Braven.

 Finally, they got married on August 12, 2011, when Brook confirms for adding David surname. Now she is known as Brooke Burke- Charvet. Brooke Burke started to get weak by the year 2012. When she confirmed it with a doctor she was suffered from thyroid Cancer. She officially announces about it on November 8, 2012. In another announcement, she was looking excited as her cancer was treated well. She finally removed it.

Find out Facebook Co-founder Dustin Moskovitz’s wife Cari Tuna, and their married life.

When it comes to Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg’s image is pop up but today we are here to talk about Dustin Moskovitz, one of the Facebook co-f...