Birkheylai Chinchhas: Can A Common Man Be A Hero

The Nepali movie Birkheylai Chinchhas promo has surprised me. I click, i saw, i was surprise. I have watched Hollywood movies,Bollywood movies and kollywood movies (Nepali Movies). I have never seen  such versatile actor like Subash Thapa. It doesn't mean that other are not good but ever character featured in this movie are awesome. I can see changes in Nepali movies, which will be followed by other films after the release  of Birkheylai Chinchhas. New idea, HD video, and perfect in everything thing .The promo video has changed my assumption and has diverted my concept towards Nepali films. Success of Nepali films is success of Nepalese citizen. It also reflects our coordination for Nepalis movies. Don't judge the book looking the cover. So, just don't watch the promo watch full movie. You will see drastic change, which u have never expected.

My suggestion to young guys will be to go and watch this movie. After watching it you will automatically praised it. This is because Nepalese are perfect in every area just they underestimate them-self. So youth, rise up and change yourself as i did. You will feel good and respect this movie and yourself.

 Click to watch promo: it starts.

Birkheylai Chinchhas

Casts : Subash Thapa, Aayusha Rai, Binita Khadka

Cinematogrpher : Niraj Kandel, Ramsharan Upreti,

Music : Mohit Munal

Lyrics : Bashudev Munal, Jagdishwor Thapa, Araaj Keshav Giri

Writer & Screenplay : Jagdishwor Thapa

Produced by : Subash Thapa

Directed by : Araaj Keshav Giri