Gloomy Sunday….. (Hungarian Suicide Song) its rumors has drived people eager for listening it.

Songs are best known for refreshment, driving people out of pain and sorrow, giving relief from unfavorable situations in life and movements. But this was not all the truth. Gloomy Sunday song Lyrics by Hungarian poet Laszlo Javor proved it wrong. This became viral as death song. This song was composed and out by Hungarian Pianist Rezső Seress in 1933. This song flowed through the Rezso veins to the brains and got words through mouth of Pal Kalmar, which is known by word singing. Hungarian singer Pal Kalmar converted it into singing when it was recorded in 1935.This song was originally based on war and sorrowing caused by wicked leaders. Rezso was suffered by poverty and when it was also not sufficient his fate pushed him towards Nazis labor camp during the Second World War. This leaded him to compose Gloomy Sunday. Laszlo was believed to be caught by heart attack and the reason was his own song. Rezso also committed suicide by chocking himself in the hospital when he survived from the attempt to die by jumping from the window. This, song became Infamy as it killed the creator also.  Later, this song loosed it popularity as the former lost their identity.

In 1936, Hal Kemp stood as the first person recording Gloomy Sunday in English version. He was well known with the market that English was the world wide language. This song was lyrics by Sam M. Lewis for him. Subsequently, Paul Robeson also recorded the song lyrics by Desmond Carter as the remake of Gloomy Sunday. It again gained its popularity when it was sung by Billie Holiday in 1941. Billie was bold and courageous singer who stood even after being raped in her early childhood by the neighbor. She was ruined as she followed the path of her mother, who was actively involved in prostitution business. She started sexual business in $5. Billie was there to test her luck but, her bad fortune; she was caught in a raid. This song swallowed the lyrics composer in English also. This was claimed to link with urban legend. It was responsible for various listener deaths. But there is also rumor that, death was linked with other factors that caused the listeners death.