All are bounded to addiction

Addiction depends upon addict. What you think? Yes, it is true because everyone is addict. Drugs consumers are not only the persons who are considered addict. In short, if you use face book a lot then you are addict. Want to know how? Then listen, if didn’t log on to face book then you eagerness for face book increases with every passing seconds. Same thing happens with all face book users and all users are addicted to it.

How to avoid addiction in general sense?

 All are bounded to addiction and you can avoid it. In fact, all addicts can do it because nothing is impossible. Just u have to do is control yourself and realize your importance. Speak within your mind that I can do it, times and again. What it does is it creates your stamina. Don’t you think you are important and lucky? Yes, all are lucky because you are the winner and you have learned to win prior to your birth. Then hear it, you are the one who had won 250 million sperm cell and you have done it.
Second thing:

It doesn't mean that all are addict and why should I give up drug addiction. The thing is every addiction is harmful and this might bring regret in your future life. If you can focus than guaranty there is success. Don’t do what other did create your own way that might benefit you in leaving your addiction.

Third thing:

People are motivated to things that are mentioned not to do. Have you ever realized it? If not then read further you will know. Have you ever noticed that in cigarette and drinks, it is clearly mentioned that consuming such things will be injuries to your health. Though, it is true entire people ignore it. So if you are leaving addiction than make your mind, I am leaving. Off course, you will do it.
Final thing:

  • Addiction doesn't lead to right path. Though, it may give you certain satisfaction. Later each seconds count back on you. There are no tricks and ways because it about one self control. How much you can stand the obstacles. If there were trick and ways then why would challenges exist?