Tips for hiring a taxi in USA

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Be familiar with the rate per kilometer. Rates do vary from taxi operator to operator.  For uplifting passengers at the airport, some operators levy an airport surcharge.
  • The hirer of a cab has the right of freedom of choice - any cab on a rank may be hired.
  • Pay only charges as displayed on the taximeter.  A blank taximeter or zero display indicates that no charges are due to the driver.   Refrain from paying any fare or additional charges, which are not displayed on the taximeter. Fares are calculated per vehicle, up to 4 passengers, and not per person. (For a passenger transportation voucher system arranged with the hospitality industry, the taximeter fare is not applicable)
  • The taximeter fare is for the protection of the hirer.    Avoid using cabs which do not have a taximeter fitted, or if the driver claims that the taximeter is defective, or alternatively check the odometer for the distance traveled after first establishing the rate per kilometer.
  • Be aware of electronic taximeters that have multiple tariffs programmed therein to exploit visitors - a lower tariff for local clients & higher tariffs for visitors.     It is advisable to check the rate per kilometer being charged.
  • When boarding, the taximeter display must be blank or zero.    The taximeter should only be set in motion once the user has hired the vehicle.
  • Fixed quotes are usually inflated by the driver.   For fairness, when boarding insist that the driver sets the taximeter in motion so that the hirer can be in a position to compare the fixed quote with the fare calculated by the taximeter.
  • Taximeters display the fare in S.A. Rand.  The hirer should refrain from paying the driver in foreign currency, unless familiar with the foreign exchange rate.
  • Avoid utilizing cabs that are unmarked & carry no identification, as they are most likely to be illegal, and do not offer extended passenger liability insurance
  • In the event of a cab not being hired when summoned, a call out fee need be only voluntarily paid at the discretion of the caller.
  • A gratuity is payable at the discretion of the hirer.
  • Cabs do not normally cruise around but can be found on various taxi ranks. It is usual practice to telephonically request a cab from a reputable taxi operator.
  • It is advisable to pre-book with a taxi operator that utilizes a computer-aided dispatch system for accurate recording of booking information and thereby fulfills their booking obligations.
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