Baby? Maybe Margot Robbie expecting a baby with husband Tom Ackerley as per magazine

Actress Margot Robbie was married to Tom Ackerley in secret ceremony in Australia. A magazine has been claiming that Margot was expecting a baby with Tom Ackerley. It says more that she has been pregnant during the marriage ceremony.

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As per NW Magazine, it was revealed by an insider. This news has cottoned the attention of every people around the globe. Though, Margot Robbie and Tom Ackerley have not made a confession on the support of it.

We are eagerly waiting for the day when she finally says that pregnancy news that has been swirling is true.

In her past days, Suicidal Squad actress Margot Robbie admitted that she was raised in the family which included four children. She reveals the secret of her love towards children that she want tone of children.
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Margot Robbie loves to surprise her fans as she did with her marriage. Maybe she wants us to surprise once more after giving birth to her baby. We are filled with curiosity when she finally admits her baby news and surprise us all.