Find about the love story of Karen Boyer and late partner Gene Wilder

Karen Boyer is the fourth wife to late Actor Gene Wilder. Though Gene Wilder is no longer in this world Karen Boyer love is never ending towards him. Their love story has stunned and inspired several people.
Karen Boyer with Gene Wilder
Source: earnthenecklace

Age was never the barrier in love has been proved by these two lovebirds Karen Boyer and Gene Wilder. They met in film set titled See No Evil, Hear No Evil. In the movie gene was performing to be a deaf and Boyer was a clinical supervisor for league name New York.

Gene depressed of his life was struggling for normal life after his third wife death. That is when the magic happened and Karen Boyer moved into his life. They began to spend time together. Soon they began to spend most of the time together which turned their dating into marriage.

Karen and Gene tied the knot in a private ceremony at Gene house and were attended by family and some closest friends. Karen Boyer and Gene were happily married until Gene was dead with disease Alzheimer.

Karen sounds herself lucky to have a life partner like Gene who turned ever day of her life into romantic dating. Even Karen’s husband Gene believed if he can make Karen laugh that he was on the right track of relationship.