know about Alex McLeod career, personal life and net worth

Alexandra Ann McLeod is an American citizen born on 21, December 1968 in Texas. She is a television host. Since childhood, Alex McLeod was interested in the news reporter and completed her degree in Communication. She studied at well-renowned school name Kinkaid high school.

Alex McLeod first job was at kPRC-NBC in Houston as a Trainee after completing her degree in the relative field. In context, of Hollywood, she started her career performing in various commercial ads and sitcoms.  She was able to make herself noticed, among the people through the series “Movie watch” broadcast through Channel 4 in the UK. Subsequently, she got chances for doing interviews with high profile stars, reporting in movies reviews and mocking in IZ released through the internet on its own website. Likely, she was momentum in her successful career.

Alex McLeod was very perfect in sketching and this became her key to “Trading Spaces”.  Will was impressed with Alex and offers her to host in Trading Spaces.  After accepting the offer Alex McLeod made an agreement for almost forty Episodes. The show was able to claim for daytime Emmy nomination just after performing one season by Alex.

Alex played the main role in making this show hit. She was categorized as perfect host by the famous personality people. Surprisingly, she made the decision to give up from “Trading Spaces”. The decision made by her gave birth to rumor, that she was fired from the show. Later on, when she officially confess about the matter, her fans were able to find the reality.

Alex McLeod is charming lady able to maintain her beauty. In fact, she is intelligent, creative, good manner and helpful personality lady. She has blue eyes and brown hair making her sexier. Talking about her personal life there is no more relative information about her life and this makes her conservative in this area. She has not revealed much about herself on the internet and her daily life. There is not much perfect information that can be shared regarding her marriage life. Alex McLeod has been married and it also came to be known that she has a daughter. Her dating and boyfriend are yet a mystery. Her hobby is cooking and traveling.

But Alex McLeod actual net worth cannot be fixed, as it can be said it has not been revealed officially. She is a formally trained chef and this might also be the reason why she is much interested in cooking. As a formal chef, she also leads the Contessa Culinary team to win the second position in Chili Competition.

Moreover, Alex McLeod has good behavior like promoting for welfare for others and visible generosity for weak background people. She has involved in charities like UNICEF, Habitat for Humanity and Grid Alternatives within southern California. As she is good in speeches, she gives motivation lectures for people to encourage them and make them successful. Recently she is active in programs for providing alternative means of source called solar energy for poor people.