Popular personality Cheryl Ladd? Discover about her marriage, net worth and more

Cheryl Ladd is an American born actress on July 12, 1951. She is well known for her multi-talent feature in acting, singing, and writing. She was also famous for her role as Kris Munroe in the Charlie’s Angels TV series. Her birthplace was Huron, South Dakota in Germany family. She was the daughter of Dolores a waiter and Marion, engaged in railroad engineering.

Cheryl Ladd was not from the Hollywood linked family but she stood herself as an actress. She did something unique job apart from the parents. This proved that she was not only charming and chubby girl but also bold enough to take such advance step in the acting career.

Cheryl Ladd was active from 1970 and started her career as a musician. She was known as “Cherie Moor” when she sang the song for animated series of Pussycats. After this, she started to get roles for non-singing commercials and television series. Her played commercials and series were The Rookies, The Partridge Family and Happy Days. The main turning point when she gained momentum was Charlie’s Angels series. This made her a superstar over a night. She was running high and wondering over the height. She remained as a familiar face over the TV for long period of time.

Cheryl Ladd played about 30 movies after Charlie’s Angles hit. In one of Cheryl Ladd movies, she played the role of Grace Kelly who was a Philadelphia heiress. It also shows how she became a Hollywood glamor and then prince of Europe, in a biopic that was started before Kelly’s death.  Her success made her path easy towards her career and started to appear as musician and comedian in various series. She got a chance for performing in the football National Anthem “Super Bowl XIV”. After this she released three albums, enjoying a ‘Top 40 Hot 100’ singles along with Golden Records. 

In 2000, she debuts in Broadways as Bernadette Peters until Reba McEntire took over it. She got a leading role in One West Waikiki and this made her guest appearance on shows like Charmed,  Hope and Faith and CSI; Miami. As she was expert in writing she also published a book “The Adventures of little Nettie Wind ship for children”. When she got success as an author she took other steps in writing books.  By, 2005 she published another book “Token Chick; A Woman’s Guide to Golfing with the Boys”. This was an autobiography that emphasizes in golf. She wrote this autobiography as she was love with golf and crazy for golf. Later, she became the host of a golf tournament by her success in a book written over golf.

Cheryl has a net worth of 8 million dollars and was capable of earning such huge amount because she remained active for every new offer and challenges during her career period. Cheryl Ladd is a successful actress, beautiful lady with the bold and hot figure. She has got a perfect measurement and it can be seen crystal clear when she reveals herself in the bikini. Her measurement which gives her perfect coco cola size is measured 35-23-34 inches. Running in her 62 she doesn’t seem to have many wrinkles. Might, she has done plastic surgery which gives her fresh look even at this stage also.

Cheryl Ladd with her husband Brian Russell

Cheryl Ladd was married to David Ladd an actor. They met each other since; they are from the same field acting. They were involved in dating and later got married. Cheryl gave birth to daughter Jordan during their married life. They were happy with each other but they got divorced and the reason is unknown. After she got divorced she started her affairs with music produce Brian Russell and got married in 1981. She is active in social activities which prevent child abuse. She works as the brand ambassador of this social organization.