The Albert Einstein, A Hero

Great personality people are not made they are born and possess supernatural resources to change the world. Albert Einstein is of similar nature, famous personality person who changed the world by making things convenient to understand through his innovative inventions. He was born on 14 March 1879 in Ulm, German Empire. Though he was born in German he did not retune back as he belongs to Jewish decent and started his career in America.

 He migrated to America in 1940, saving his life from Adolf Hitler power.  In the early period, he created his space among the public as a Theoretical physicist, a professor at Berlin Academy of Science. Later, he created his notability by discovering the equation E=mc2. This was the equation that changed the world and pushed to the new generation.  He was the person who aware the president of America on the eve of World War 2 that, his formula was capable of creating powerful bombs and other counters were in similar research.

 It was all his interest and curiosity that made him a renowned person. Since his childhood he was interested in research activity and used to add knowledge about anything, he did not care that it should be big. He was just learning and making his way to the future career. When he moved forward toward his career he was awarded numerous titles.

In 1901, his paper “Folgerungen as dnCapillaritatserscheinunge” was available in the reputed “Annalen der Physik”. He completed his thesis with the help of Alfred Kleiner. He was awarded for “A New Determination of Molecular Dimension”. This paperwork proved that sugar was soluble in water. His other paper which made him prominent was “four groundbreaking papers on the photoelectric effect.”His scientific career started from his active period and ended with his death. He published various books and articles related to science. His main Annus Mirabilis articles were, “Annus Mirabilis Paper, Photoelectric effect, Special theory of relativity, Mass-energy equivalence and Brownian motion”. 

 He also worked in cooperative with other scientists for his new discoveries.  In collaboration, he invented Bose- Einstein Statistics the Einstein refrigerator and much more.

Albert father Hermann Einstein was, a salesman and engineer where her mother was Pauline Einstein. They migrated to Munich when, his parents launched company that produce electrical devices based on direct current. He received education from Catholic elementary school, Luitpold Gymnasium, graduate from Swiss high school and continued his research even after working as a professor. 

During the period in Swiss he met with Mileva Maric. This was the precious period which he spent with her and has become fresh memory in the history; even he is not present in this world today. It is said that she was pregnant and for this Einstein was liable but the whole truth about it are unknown. After it they got married in 1903 and have two sons Hans Albert and Eduard. After getting divorced with her in 1919, he married Elsa Lowenthal on June 1919. He then migrated with her to American, where she was dead by heart and kidney problem, in year 1936.

He traveled many places among them America was one, which he visited on the warm welcome by Mayor John Francis Hylan. During his travel he got many memos that were sad, happy and of all nature. He just waited for the right time and write place. He did not care that he was band from his birth land also; he just care about his career and achieved success in it. He was helped a lot by America by giving his residence authority. He was surprised by the character in positive manner that other religions people were not humiliated and suppressed in America. He was very much impressed and took the side of America and help out in various ways returning the favor.

Einstein received awards were, Nobel Prize in Physics, Matteucci Medal, Copley Medal, Max Planck medal and Time Person of the Century. Every man dies even, how big contribution they have made to the human kind. Einstein is no more in this world as he was dead in 18 April, 1955 at the age of 76.