Who is Elizabeth Berkley? Know about her career, marriage and body facts.

Elizabeth Berkley is a renowned actress of America.  She was born on July 28, 1972, in Farmington Hills, USA.  She becomes prominence by the role played in series Saved by the Bells and showgirls. She was playing the role of brainy feminist Jessie Spano and Nomi Malone. Elizabeth Berkley grew in Farmington Hills her birthplace. She was the daughter of Jere and Fred Berkley.  Her father was a Jewish and rose in an environment of Judaism and used to work as a Lawyer. Her mother was a Gift basket business owner. Elizabeth Berkley was born with heterochromia, and due to this her right eye was half green and half brown and her left eye was all green.
Above image was clicked a day before the marriage of Elizabeth Berkley and Greg Lauren

Initial life and education

Elizabeth Berkley received her education from North Farmington High School and Cranbrook King's Wood School. She received her graduation by 1990. Her family was not from Hollywood family but they used to inspire for better future in acting. She was interested in acting from her childhood. She used to dance in her own house in the basement. She gave audition for leading character in Annie but it only gave her sadness. Her eagerness did not let her be hopeless. She went to New York for her bright career and took part in several ballets and music.

Career and growth

Elizabeth Berkley started to move in her career track as a teenage model. She was denoted as a teenage model for Elite and yet she was not active. She became active from 1986. In 1987she performed in series Frog and following this, she was offered several roles. In 1989, she gave audition for Kelly roles in Saved by the Bell. The directors were confused whether he should cast Tiffani Thiessen or Elizabeth.

Due competing capability director was impressed and he created the role of Jessie Spano, which Elizabeth played from 1989 to 1993. Berkley gave up to her role of Jessie Spano join the film line. She won the audition of Roe Nomi Malone and was ready for the movie Showgirls. This film was rated as the big budget movie of the period. This film became the blockbuster hit and was rated NC-17.It contained sex and nudity and got various critics for it. She has also appeared in comedies with small roles like Keaton, Goldie Hawn, and Bette Midler.

Elizabeth Berkley was ranked as number 36 because of the Controversial film and she wanted to take away from such movies to rebuild her image among the fans. After facing various controversies she started to make her focused in comedy and reality shows. She was the one who hosted reality series, Step It Up and Dance competition.

Body facts

Elizabeth Berkley is a sexy, hot and charming lady. Berkley sexiness and hotness can berate from her movie Showgirls. In this movie, she reveals herself in a bikini and sometimes nude. She has the height of 5’9 inches, bra size 36C, hip size 37 and waist26 and her perfect measurement makes her perfect actress. She has sexy, long and commendable feet with a shoe size of 7. 

Marriage and children

Elizabeth Berkley was married to artist Greg Lauren on November 1, 2003. After Elizabeth marriage, her interest for the baby increased and she became pregnant. In 2012, she gave birth to son Sky Coe.

Elizabeth Berkley with her husband Greg Lauren and middle is son Sky Coe

He was born just eight days before her 40th birthday. Today she is running in 41 and stills looks young and charming. She might have been gone through plastic surgery or likely treatments. There is not much wrinkle and sign for oldness as it should appear on this stage. She is kind to nature lady and she also has made $600 donation for animal rights. It was Elizabeth Berkley bad luck when she was payable for $45 million due to the false claim made over Leonardo DiCaprio.